A Totem for Walthamstow

021_atmosphere_night 2.jpg 021_atmosphere_night 3.jpg 021_atmosphere_day 4.jpg 021_atmosphere_day 2.jpg 021_atmosphere_day 0.jpg 021_detail day 1.jpg 021_detail night 4.jpg 021_Manufacture 4.png 021_concept_wormview iso_labelled.jpg 021_Manufacture 1.JPG 021_Install_Cube.jpg 021_Install_Standing.JPG
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A permanent public installation in Walthamstow, the Totem was commissioned by the London Borough of Waltham Forest and features a back-lit white cube which serves a signpost for the local cinema as well as being a marker for the town centre. The concept was derived from the idea of ordnance survey triangulation stations and led to the notion that the town centre should have its own playful take on a geographic orientation device. The construction is arranged in such a way that structure, cables and light-fittings are obscured from view whilst being afforded protection against the elements (and pigeons).

  • Type: Public
  • Client: Waltham Forest (LBWF)
  • Collaborators: White Wall Company, Christopher Pendrich Photography
  • Size: 1m³
  • Location: Walthamstow High Street
  • Budget: £65,000