A Penthouse for Two Cats

Core Set-1.jpg Core Set-2.jpg Core Set-3.jpg Core Set-4.jpg Core Set-5.jpg Core Set-7.jpg Core Set-8.jpg Core Set-9.jpg Core Set-10.jpg Core Set-11.jpg Core Set-12.jpg Core Set-13.jpg Core Set-14.jpg Core Set-17.jpg Core Set-18.jpg Core Set-19.jpg Jerome 4 Jerome 3
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This project has recently been completed using our sister company Pencil and Brick.. The design is for a 5th bedroom, ensuite and rooftop terrace to a special rare home in the heart of Shoreditch.

  • Type: Private, Housing
  • Client: Private Individuals
  • Collaborators: Constant Structural Design
  • Size: 50sqm
  • Location: Tower Hamlets, London