A Photographer's Flat

007 Sean+Stephen_Ladbroke-Apartment_CGP-09.jpg 007 Copy of Sean+Stephen_Ladbroke Apartment_CGP-18.jpg 007_Atmosphere_kitchen 3 (e).jpg 007_Detail_Kitchen 2.jpg 007_Detail_Kitchen 1.jpg 007_Atmosphere_living 1.jpg 007_Atmosphere_inbetween (e).jpg 007 Copy of Sean+Stephen_Ladbroke Apartment_CGP-64.jpg 007_Atmosphere_bedroom.jpg 007_Joinery 2.jpg 007_Detail_Wardrobe.jpg 007_Detail_Bedroom.jpg 007_Joinery 1.jpg 007_Detail_Bathroom_Alcove (e).jpg 007_Construction_samples.jpg 007_Construction_client finishes.jpg 007_Construction_windows 2.jpg 007 Site Meeting at Kensington
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Sean and Stephen were commissioned to redesign a luxurious apartment near Portobello Road market. The key design move to unlocking the double-aspect living/kitchen space was a compact utility zone, carefully ensconced by a bedroom with walk-through wardrobe and generous en-suite.

The aesthetic vision for this project was a simple pallet of materials - white walls complemented by timber, concrete tiles and screed. The kitchen features white washed plywood which gives a clean but textured finish to the living room side of the kitchen. The project was managed by Sean and Stephen throughout, including the construction phases.

  • Type: Private, Housing
  • Client: Private Individuals
  • Collaborators: Get Turner, Christopher Pendrich Photography
  • Size: 90sqm
  • Location: Kensington Park Road
  • Budget: £230,000